The Space Saver


  • Smaller footprint. Saves valuable lot space and easier to move.
  • Helps control waste on job sites. If it doesn’t fit, you shouldn’t be throwing it away.
  • Easier to manage. Emptied on a weekly schedule. Eliminates calls to dispatch centers.
  • Keeps job sites cleaner.
  • Dumpsters emptied on site. No waiting for an empty return.
  • On commercial projects, lets you put the dumpsters closer to where the waste is generated.
  • Simple fees, base monthly rate and no hidden costs.
  • We help you manage the program. Our drivers are trained to move the containers during each

    phase. We take you out of the waste management business so you can focus on building.

    How it works (Residential)

    At initial scraping of job site, one dumpster is delivered for routine construction site trash during formation of the concrete pad and block work. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DIRT OR CONCRETE IN THE BINS. If needed, a 20yd can be provided for any dirt or concrete waste that needs to be recycled.

    Once foundation is poured and block work is complete, a second container is delivered to the job site for framing and drywall phase of construction. Upon completion of these phases, one dumpster is removed for the remainder of the project cycle.

    How it works (Commercial)

    In addition to the above benefits, some large commercial projects benefit by being able to have multiple dumpsters on job sites closer to the waste generation areas. This eliminates the high cost of labor to move waste and lets your workers focus on building rather than moving waste.