Materials We handle

  • Trash/MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
  • C&D (Construction & Demolition Waste)
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Mixed Paper
  • Sorted Office Paper
  • Ledger Grades
  • Single Stream Recycling
  • Rigid & Film Plastics - #1 PET, #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, #5 PP
  • Waste-To-Energy – Zero Waste Landfill Avoidance
  • & More – Get a Free Waste Audit TODAY

services we provide

Roll Off Container

Roll-Off Container

We offer permanent roll-off services that set the industry standard for service excellence. In most areas, containers are available in...
recycle photos3 copy

Right Size Roll-Off Containers

Our “Right Size” dumpster. Smaller than a 30 but bigger than a 20. Shorter than a 30 but taller than...

Enclosed Roll-Off Dumpster

Great for recycling without the investment of equipment. Most customers use them for community drop off recycling programs. The container...

Temporary Front Load Container

For construction projects, clean outs, small jobs with space restrictions, and DIY projects. Flat rates with NO DISPOSAL.
FEL Truck Lineup

Front Load Container

Commonly used in industrial and commercial properties, designed for a permanent waste solution. Ideal for any business or property that...
RSF Reciever Box

Stationary Compactor

Our Roll Off trucks service customers utilizing Stationary Compactors. Often used for recycling cardboard, but can be used for dry...
self contained

Self-Contained Compactor

Our Roll Off trucks service customers utilizing SC Compactors. Primarily used for wet material applications. Mainly restaurants or food waste...

Bale Route

(Typically, Tractor with 53' Flatbed trailer with ramp for forklift) A service type that is used to collect baled product...

Tractor Trailer

(Typical Tractor Truck with Van Trailer) Trailer service is performed via Staged Trailer or Live Load. Sometimes customers have their...
box turk

Box truck

(Varies but Typically 24' Straight Truck as pictured) A service used to pick up less than full truckload quantities of...


Good for storing lighter materials, i.e. shrink wrap, plastic bottles, newspapers, supersacks, etc. Can collapse for warehouses that have smaller...


Has two wheels so it can be transported to different areas. It also fits through doorways and elevators for easy...


Hampers are usually made of plastic or canvas Made with wheels for easy transport. Dimensions are 48" L x 48"...


Good for storing heavier materials, i.e. glass, printers mix, sorted office paper, and mixed paper. Used typically in warehouse environments...

Large Desk Side Recycle Bin

Made of cardboard and has built-in handles for easy maneuverability. It is good for areas where there is not a...
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Small Desk Side Recycle Bin

Same as Large Desk Side Bins, but can be put next to/under a desk for easier daily collection.

Governments & Industry

Recycling Services of Florida services public entities and private industry. We specifically design recycling programs which may include front end loader bins, roll-off bins, flatbeds, tractor-trailers, spotted trailers, or live loads. We also provide one time pickups or long term commitments. RSF serves:

  • Contractors
  • School systems
  • Churches
  • City, County, and State programs
  • Commercial/Industrial operations
  • Commercial haulers
  • Publishers
  • Small and Large Businesses
  • Industrial Settings

Curbside Processing

Recycling Services of Florida processes dual and single stream curbside material in some locations.