• Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 15 cubic yards to 34 cubic yards.
  • Commonly used for high volume restaurants and commercial establishments where the trash being handled has the tendency to maintain liquids, such as food.
  • Contain a built-in “sump” to hold excess water to prevent it from leaking onto the property beneath.
  • When the compactor is full, the entire unit is hauled away leaving only the hydraulic unit and power pack.
  • Require a disconnect box at the compactor location and typically are 3 phase electrical power. Single phase units are available at an additional cost.
  • Can be built to satisfy a wide variety of needs.
  • Can be loaded free standing with a totally enclosed and lockable “dog house” around the loading area; they can be backed up to a loading dock and have hand rails and gates, or they can be fed with a through-the-wall chute.
  • Self-contained compactors have 1 or 2 hoses and an electrical cord, which are disconnected at pick-up so the driver is able to haul the compactor to the disposal site.